Fill in the form below to apply for a house, and to find out how much you qualify for. You need to earn more than R20000/month in order for your application to be considered. Alternatively, apply for a JOINT BOND with friends and family, and share the costs.

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The effective delivery of quality residential developments in accordance with the objectives of the National Reconstruction and Development Programme is a significant challenge to the Company - we are committed to positively contribute to the development of communities through the provision of affordable housing to all South Africans in need. Affordability of residential units, the siting of projects close to places of work and a healthy community atmosphere are essential to our strategic approach to meet basic human needs


To be the finest Estate Agency dealing with the buiding quality homes for families and management of property. In order to do this we need to always work and strive to honour our Mission, “To always operate with Honesty and Integrity while providing the very best service possible”


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