The sizes vary from 40m2 to 120m2. Please go to the gallery to view the different options available.

No deposit payable should you qualify for a 100% housing loan.

No. Trustgro pays for all local authority fees (plan approval, water, electricity and consumer deposits and connection fees).

The banks impose a 30% limit of your monthly gross salary as the maximum monthly repayment. Please refer to the bond calculator for assistance.

Go to the bond calculator for an easy and convenient tool to help you calculate your monthly installment.

Typically 20 years. It is also possible to obtain loans for 30 years. The banks may restrict you to 10 years, should you be older than 55 years.

Yes. All outstanding debt and judgments should be settled and aclean ITC record obtained before the bank will grant a housing loan.

No,Trustgro bears the accrued interest during the construction period. You will only start paying once you take occupation of the property.

Your house will be enrolled with the NHBRC. This will entitle you to apply to them for assistance to certify a major structual defect in certain circumstances.

It is advisable to do so-in the event of your death; your house will be fully paid, enabling your family to remain in the house. They will merely have to maintain payments for electricity, water and rates.

You should typically allow 4 months from the time of registration of your bond. Delays in obtaining Council approval for plans, water and electricity connections could however add to this period.